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No more clipboards, paper, and pen. No more counting seconds or calculating weights. With the KraftApp for your Kieser Training®, you train paperless and can fully focus on your workout. For even better training success!

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How you can make your Kieser Training® even more efficient.

We want you to be able to concentrate 100% on your workout and remove unnecessary detours and barriers for you. That's why we developed the KraftApp. Convince yourself of the app's advantages:


Start your workout immediately without having to search for your plan. You always have your data with you in your pocket.

Device Settings

We only show you the information you need, no tedious searching for the right values on your plan.


Focus on your workout and don't count the seconds. We'll do that for you.

Weight Adjustments

Adjust the exercise weight with one click after your workout and immediately move on to the next exercise.


Even if you start with a new plan, your previous data remains accessible, and you can refer to it at any time.


For discussions with your coach, export your results in the familiar paper format or grant your coach access to your results.


How can you further improve your use with KraftApp, what matters in Kieser Training. Learn more in our know-how area.

Arranging Exercises in the Correct Order

One of the training principles of Kieser Training is to maintain the order of the exercises in a plan whenever possible. This ensures that the muscles are stressed equally in every workout, allowing for comparisons between workouts.

Display of the previous esKraft App, which you can copy to KraftApp.

Previously used the esKraft app?

The esKraft app for Android enjoys high popularity among its users. Unfortunately, the app is no longer being developed and is therefore not operable on newer versions of Android. To ensure your training results are not lost, you can easily import your previous results into the KraftApp.

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Your ideas, wishes & feedback

We are interested in your personal experience with the KraftApp and want to consider your ideas in its further development. Send us your feedback or vote for the idea to be considered for future updates.

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Participate in discussions about the further development of KraftApp, the app for your Kieser Training.


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Jetzt Kieser-Training App für Android herunterladen Jetzt Kieser-Training App für iOS herunterladen