Arranging Exercises in the Correct Order

One of the training principles of Kieser Training is to maintain the order of the exercises in a plan whenever possible. This ensures that the muscles are stressed equally in every workout, allowing for comparisons between workouts.

Machine Occupied? No Problem

It's not uncommon to find your next exercise machine already in use. No problem: Use the "Switch Exercise" function to choose a different exercise.

Switch to the New A5 Exercise

With the Kraft update on July 24, 2022, the A5 exercise can finally be correctly recorded in the training plan. To switch from the old to the new A5, the following should be noted.

Creating and printing a training report

Regular monitoring of training progress with your trainer is important. Therefore, you can print out your progress as an Excel or PDF document at any time. This report will be in the format familiar to those who have undergone Kieser Training.

Creating a new training plan

Manage and train with multiple different training plans using the KraftApp.

Clearing local data on Android

Sometimes, the local data on your device might not be in sync with the data on the server. When this happens, clearing the local data can help, allowing it to be reloaded from the server.

Importing your data from esKraft

The esKraft app for Android enjoys high popularity among its users. Unfortunately, the app is no longer being developed and, as such, is not compatible with newer versions of Android. To ensure your training results aren't lost, you can easily import your past results into the KraftApp.

Choosing the Right Tension Time

For successful strength training, every resistance is welcome. However, at Kieser, different tension times are distinguished.

Transferring Data to a New Device

Is your phone broken, or have you finally treated yourself to a new one? But how do you transfer your KraftApp data to your new device? It's quite simple.

Logging Previous Workouts

Installed the app but have been a Kieser customer for a while? Here's how you can add your existing workouts to your history, we'll show you how.

Deleting Your Account

Nothing lasts forever – including your KraftApp account. Here's how you can delete your account without any fuss.

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