Creating and printing a training report

Regular monitoring of training progress with your trainer is important. Therefore, you can print out your progress as an Excel or PDF document at any time. This report will be in the format familiar to those who have undergone Kieser Training.


Access Plan Detail View

Important: You need an active internet connection, for example, via Wi-Fi or your mobile provider's data network, to generate the training report.

Select your plan on the dashboard, for the one you wish to generate a report for, and scroll to the bottom of the screen where a button labeled "Training Card" is available. Clicking on this button will open the browser.

Download Report as Excel

If you want to process your data yourself or further analyze it, downloading it as an Excel (.xlsx) file is a good option. To do this, select the download icon at the top right, and the download will start directly.

Print Report or Download as PDF

If you want to directly print your report or save it as a PDF file, you can do this via the print function of Android. Select the print icon at the top right and choose either the desired printer for the printout or the option "Save as PDF" (the exact name may vary depending on the Android/iOS version).

Send Link

You can also send the link to your report to your computer or directly via email to your trainer, if possible. Simply copy the URL in the address bar.

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