Switch to the New A5 Exercise

CAUTION: When we talk about the new A5 here, we do not mean a new training machine at Kieser Training. We mean that in the KraftApp, it is now possible to record the result values for tension height, program, and precision. This was not possible with the "old" A5.

To avoid falsifying old training results, we have added a new A5 exercise to the catalog and deactivated the old one. If you have been training with A5, you can proceed as follows:

Deactivate the existing A5 exercise in the exercise settings. We recommend this step because deleting the exercise also removes all previous results with that exercise.

Add the "new" A5 exercise to your plan

Deactivated exercises will no longer appear in the export, but you can always reactivate them briefly before an export if needed.

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