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KraftApp for Kieser Training® is a private project by Sebastian Westhues aimed at improving one's own training quality at Kieser Training and simplifying the visit to the studio with digital support. He is supported by a very active community and volunteers, who assist in development and testing.

In addition to the voluntary and unpaid work, costs are incurred, which are borne by the development team. These include, for example, license costs of the app stores (Google, Apple), costs for the infrastructure or for tools to ensure teamwork.

KraftApp is intended to remain a free service and be available to as many Kieser customers as possible. We do not want to make financial profit from it but still ensure long-term operation. Therefore, we rely on donations and support.

How can I support KraftApp?

Support the project with a supporter subscription, which you can obtain in the app. With this, you support the development team with 1 euro per month and help to ensure the operation and further development.

What benefits do I receive as a supporter?

Of course, we also want to give something back to our supporters and take them on our journey. Therefore, you have the following advantages:

Are there any other possibilities?

We can also receive donations through the following channels. The donations are converted into corresponding supporter subscriptions, so you can also benefit from the advantages.


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